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Brain Health and Beyond with Team Sherzai, MD

Oct 23, 2019


We are so excited to present this episode! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. David Katz, a remarkable physician-scientist who has changed the paradigm of our understanding of chronic diseases. His biography is quite extensive and his list of accomplishments are long, and this section would look like a book if we listed them here. He is one of the most prominent science communicators of our times, a thought leader in preventive medicine and health promotion, and has authored multiple books, research articles and textbooks. His latest book, The Truth About Food, is an exceptional resource for those who want to get a deeper understanding of the role of nutrition and true health, and how good science that be differentiated from pseudoscience. 

You can order his book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

The Truth About Food: Why Pandas Eat Bamboo and People Get Bamboozled

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